October news

Hi everyone

We seem to have got ourselves a little bit out of step during September and we’ve ended up with no pictures to put in the gallery for the month.

I’m sure you’ve all taken plenty, but not sent them in.
If you remember the project we set ourselves was ‘Castles and Rivers’, plus various members had trips out to Bodium, Biddenden and Margate.
There was also a fashion show some of us got involved with.
So if you’ve got any pictures of those events please send them in to me and I’ll put them on the club website. (no more than 4 pictures each please)
Looking ahead now to October, we’ve had a couple of ideas for projects – Halloween and Autumn Colours.
To go along with that there was a couple of ideas for outings – Pluckley (the most haunted place in England) and Bedgebury Pinetum.
Tonight, Monday 3rd, we’re having our first monthly Snap Chat at the William Caxton.
There’s no agenda, it’s just a night for a chat.
Perhaps we can think about this months project(s) and outing(s) and get something organised.
I tried to get a speaker for our meeting on 13th October but without success at this short notice.
So following suggestions from members, me and Jerry are doing what we can to look at various editing software.
For that we need just one picture from each of you that you would like to see enhanced.
Just send it to me and we’ll see what we can do with it on the night.
In trying to get a speaker for this month I inadvertently managed to get speakers for December, January, February and May.
Details already put on the website.
Finally, our last meeting this month is on Wednesday 26th and will be our social meeting.
Just want 4 pictures each to cut down the time we spend looking at them and don’t forget they will all end up on the website.
For the last part of the evening if someone would like to give a 5 or 10 minute talk on something, let me know.
Or if you have any photo problems again let me know and we’ll see if we can find a solution.