September News

September is upon us and a bit colder than expected I’m sure.
So to give us an autumn feel of what can be found, Geoff one of our club members has kindly written small piece on what he looks forward to at this time of the year…


Autumn & Harvest

Now that autumn is coming on I have noticed that it has been a dry summer here in the south east. The woodland and farmland is still very dry the ground showing signs of cracking wide across fields and land.

The Harvest at Appledore.

The harvest is over by and large, the crops already safely stored. Second crops are now being sown such is modern day farming with very little time to turn around.

So now I can turn my thoughts to the onset of September and October with the fruits and berries in the countryside. This brings me to another favourite of mine as I like Fungi in all its shapes and sizes.

This is I believe is a Shaggy Ink Cap Group, usually found under various trees, some favouring different species. These I believe where under Fir or Yew trees. Other varieties like the Fly Agarics are mainly found in grass meadow or sometimes lawn.

So for now as these were taken last year, I shall be looking forward to a new crop this year. I have noticed in the woodland the dry summer taking its toll and unless I am a little early, as they show for around the next three months or even up to December/ January some years, the usual haunts look bare as yet.

Yours Geoff