January News

Hi everyone
Well, Christmas and the New Year are over and done with and now seems like a good time to dust ourselves off and dive into some new projects for 2018….
But first, with all the effort we put into the exhibition and calendar, we haven’t had a ‘Show and Tell’ for quite a while.
So for our next meeting, 24th Jan, please send in some pictures to show everyone what you’ve been up to.If we say a maximum of 6 pictures each, which you can upload via the ‘members’ page on the website. Also for the 24th, bring your cameras along.
I’ve had a chat with quite a few of you who have asked for a refresher on the basics which we’ll try and do after tea. Hopefully you’ll go away with a few ideas for pictures the month.
Following on from last years calendar, we are now in a position to present the Day Centre (now called the Community Hub) with a cheque. The plan is to meet at the Day Centre at around 1:30pm on Friday 26th January with the Day Centre Staff and the KM Reporter.Do come along if you’re able.
Don’t forget the 2019 calendar!
Jerry has made some changes to the ‘Members’ area of the website allowing easier upload of pictures.You can now upload pictures for any month, so please start ASAP as we need to start organising things fairly quickly.The plan is to have a deadline of 1st August so we can have a vote on the best pictures and then get everything off to the printers by the end August.This will mean we can get it on sale before the Folk Festival arrives in town in early October.

Moving on into February, we have our usual SnapChat arranged for the 7th at The Vine.
For our newer members, this is a very informal evening where we meet up and have a chat, usually but not always about photography.
There’s usually someone there from about 7:30.
14th February should be a night for a speaker, but unfortunately it hasn’t been possible to arrange one for February.
Our own Don Clarke has stepped into the breach and is going to build on Vannessa talk last week with a ‘Mobile Phones II’.
It was very apparent that you all like the idea of Mobile Phone Photography and you all had some very different techniques, so after tea this will evolve into a ‘Sharing’ evening and we’re going to try and compile a lot of ‘Hints and Tips’ for the website.
28th February – We’ll be looking at and giving some constructive critique of your pictures for February.
During the summer we’re planning to get a lot more ‘Hands On’ with outings and projects.
If you’ve got any ideas where to go and what to do then please let us know.
Jackie has suggested that we start using our Facebook Group for more unofficial things.
So if you’re having a trip out somewhere, why not put it out there and get some company for the day.
Remember that the group is ‘closed’ so no-one outside the club can see any of our posts or pictures.
See you all soon, Stuart