Monthly Photo – RED

To keep us on our photography toes during these current restrictions,
the club currently has a monthly photo contest. It’s just for fun so why not have a go.

This months theme is RED set by Ray Bridges.
It maybe a late start but there is plenty of time and plenty to find for this months theme.

To keep the interest, you get to vote on your favourite at the end of the month. The winner gets to choose next month’s theme.

Voting will be open for TWO days starting the 1st December.

Please Note: If you try uploading photos with dimensions in excess of 6000 pixels, they will not upload. If you are having such difficulties try reducing the dimensions of your picture. 

Red Mirror
Red Whistle
Heart on Fire
Ceramic poppies
Let this be a warning
Woman In Red
Jewels of the Hedgerow
Rosa's 18th
Reflections in red
How many sleeps until Christmas?
Big Juicy Strawberry
Red hat with feather
Alone in red
Winston Churchill
The Red Roofed Hut